Jetta Corporation

The Jetta Corporation is a family company specialising in mechanical timber production. The corporation includes the sawmill and processed timber products company JET-Wood Ltd (established in 1976) and Jetta-Talo Oy (established in 1981), which manufactures prefabricated houses from large elements and is currently one of the largest suppliers in Finland.

JET-Wood Ltd specialises in serving the needs of the domestic housing and construction industry. In addition to producing saw timber, the company processes a significant portion of its timber production. Some of these products go to Jetta-Talo Oy, part of the corporation, some to other housing manufacturers, builders, wholesalers and retailers as well as to the export market. JET-Wood Ltd has about 30 employees.

Jetta-Talo Oy has specialised in supplying high-quality individualistic prefabricated houses. The houses are manufactured from large elements which are available for passive and low energy construction. Jetta-Talo Oy employs about 80 people in Perho directly, and another five to ten people indirectly in subcontracting and shipping. Jetta-Talo’s own installation organisation employs about 20 people nationally throughout Finland.