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    Contact Information

    Visiting and postal address:
    JET-Wood Ltd
    Viitalammintie 69
    69950 Perho – Finland
    (See on map)

    VAT ID: FI02096958


    Retail sale of our products in well-stocked timber and hardware stores

    Please, primarily send e-invoices only:

    Operator: OpusCapita Group Oy
    Operator ID: 003710948874
    E-invoice address OVT: 003702096958 

    If you can not send e-invoices, please send invoices vie mail:

    JET-Wood Ltd / JET-Puu Oy
    PL 39335
    00021 LASKUTUS 

    If you’d like to send email invoices (pdf-files), please use the email address:

    Please, note that a single pdf-files is counted as a single invoice. Therefore all the invoice attachments need to be included in that one file too.


    Personal email addresses follow the pattern:

    Jukka Jokela

    Tel +358 40 580 5142

    Kaisa Koskela-Nevalainen

    Financial Management
    Tel +358 40 673 4745

    Anssi Klemola

    Sales Manager
    Tel +358 40 673 7680

    Pekka Flink

    Foreman, post-processing
    Tel +358 400 628 445

    Jaakko Humalajoki

    Foreman, sawmill
    Tel +358 40 161 7023